Ergonomic Portable Standing Desk Converter

Why Buy the Ghostand?

  • Increase Productivity

    Sitting for long periods of time hurts your mind and efficiency. Occassionally standing at work gets more blood flowing to your brain, enhancing your ability to concentrate

  • Boost Energy

    Standing during the day keeps energy levels constant. By standing you can avoid the dreaded 3 o'clock slump. You can go through your workday without experiencing an energy rollercoaster.

  • Save Money

    The leading standing desk converter costs over $400 and weighs over 30 pounds. The Ghostand sets up in under 5 seconds, weighs under 3 pounds, supports dual monitors, and costs less than $50, including shipping.

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Ergonomic Two-Level Design

The Ghostand sits on top of your existing desk or table. The top level places your monitor at an ergonomic height for your neck, shoulders, and back. The lower level places your keyboard and mouse at an ergonomic height for your wrists and elbows.

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Lightweight & Portable

Take the Ghostand wherever you work. The Ghostand Portable Standing Desk is made of industrial grade corrugated cardboard weighing less than 3 pounds. It folds completely flat in an instant, allowing for extremely fast setup and takedown.

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Dual-Monitor Compatible. Full Keyboard and Mouse Compatible

The Ghostand is wide enough to work with your laptop and monitor setup.  The Ghostand is wide enough to fit two monitors on the top level. And wide enough to fit a full-keyboard including 10-key, plus your mouse on the bottom level.

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Strong & Durable

The Ghostand Portable Standing Desk is made of industrial grade corrugated cardboard. It's capable of holding over 30 pounds on each of its two levels. The Ghostand can easily support the weight of almost all laptop and monitor setups.

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Why cardboard?

The Ghostand uses industrial grade corrugated cardboard that can support over 60 pounds.  This means the Ghostand works with virtually all monitor and laptop setups.

It's also extremely light at under three pounds. Some would say, light as a ghost. 

Also, when placed on top of a table, it will not scrape or mar the surface like some metal and plastic products.

Cardboard is also a much more eco-friendly material than other options such as plastic. Plus, it's 100% recyclable!

What is a two-tier design and why is it better?

The two-tier design refers to the two levels of the ghostand. The first level is where you should place your keyboard. The top level is where you should place your main monitor.

This allows your neck, shoulders, and back to not be strained, while simultaneously placing your wrists and elbows in an ergonomic position. 

Is the Ghostand portable?

Yes, the Ghostand was designed for portability. The Ghostand folds flat in less than three seconds. When folded flat the Ghostand is only about 1 inch thick. Perfect for carrying to work.

What are the dimensions of the Ghostand when folded flat?

When folded flat, the width of the Ghostand is 1", the height is 30", and the length is 23.5". Easy to tuck away when not in use.

Will the Ghostand work for my height?

The Ghostand is designed to place the largest percentage of people in an ergonomic position. It is designed to perform ergonomically for someone who is 5 foot tall as well as for someone that is 6 foot 3. 

Of course everyone's body dynamics are a little different.  The average desk height is 29 inches. The lower level of the Ghostand is 11.5 inches high. This places your keyboard at approximately 40.5 inches above the ground. The upper level, where most place their main monitor, is 49 inches above the ground.   

We found these dimensions to be optimal for most heights.

Does the Ghostand work with a full keyboard and mouse?

Yes! We designed the Ghostand to be wide enough to fit a full keyboard, including 10-key, plus leaving enough room to move your mouse.

The width of each of the two-tierss of the Ghostand is just under 23 inches.

Is the Ghostand durable?

Yes, the Ghostand is made of strong corrugated cardboard. It can hold over 30 pounds on each of its two-tiers. 

After continued use with a very heavy monitor, the Ghostand may sag in the middle. This should not affect the performance of the Ghostand. If excessive weight is continually placed on the Ghostand, it could ruin your Ghostand.

The Ghostand is made of cardboard. So excessive contact with liquid could ruin the Ghostand. 

Also, after continued use, the Ghostand may show signs of wear and tear such as nicks and bumps on the edges. This will not affect the performance of the Ghostand.

What is your return policy?

We stand behind our product. If you don't feel a noticable change in your productivity and energy levels after using our sit stand desk converter, then return it to us within 30 days for your money back.

To return, email us at with subject line RETURN REQUEST. We will provide you an RMA # and instructions on how to return.

Once we receive the return, we will refund your order within 3-5 business days. You are responsible for shipping costs to return the product.

Is the Ghostand covered by warranty?

We stand behind our products. If your product is defective upon arrival, please email a picture to within 15 days of product arrival. 

I want to purchase multiple Ghostands for my employees. Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, email us at