Standing Desk Converter Comparison Guide - Free Download

Standing desks have become very popular over the past 5 years... and for good reason. An ever increasing amount of research is showing that sitting all day is pretty terrible for you.

But research is also showing that standing all day long isn't great for you either.

To get the most benefits from a standing desk at work, you need to occasionally switch from standing to sitting and back again throughout the day.

For example, you could stand for 30 minutes, then sit for 45 minutes and repeat. This encourages more movement throughout the day. It's the best of both world - you effectively eliminate the negative problems from sitting all day, while maintaining high levels of productivity and focus while you work.

One of the best ways to switch from sitting to standing while you work is by using a standing desk converter.

Standing desk converters sit on top of your regular desk and turn it into a standing desk.

They're often times preferred over a regular standing desk because they are versatile, generally easier to setup, and usually much more affordable than regular standing desks.

There are many different types of standing desk converters that have come out in recent years - each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

This makes selecting a standing desk converter a little confusing.

To help you out, we've summarized the biggest categories of standing desk converters and compared them on multiple categories such as price, ergonomics, and portability & setup. Check out the comparison chart below.

 Standing Desk Converter Comparison Chart

Portable Standing Desk Converter Comparison Chart

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